• 客户/client :     河源国家高新区
  • 项目地点/location :     河源
  • 项目面积/space :     xxxxx
  • 参考造价/price :     xxxxx
  • 年份/year :     2015年4月



Heyuan High-tech Zone , launched for development and construction in June 2003 and was approved to be a National High-tech Zone by the State Council in February 2015, the first National High-tech Zone in northwest region of east of Guangdong. Since the construction, Heyuan High-tech Zone persevere in developing with the idea of “Scheduling from a high start, constructing with high standard, managing for high efficiency”. Endeavor was made to build an environment suitable for working, commerce, and dwelling. Municipal constructions like roads, water and power supply, water and pollution discharge were planned and settled at one go, seven accesses and site levelling was realized for all. Full public service facilities, like schools, hospitals, culture and entertainment, sports and recreation, business and finance, are fully equipped. Government service institutions, like customs, inspection and quarantine, industry and trade, taxes, labor, house construction, environment protection, are completely settled as well.